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The Gem Closet Day One....

Thanks again for visiting my store! When you start a new venture you often start by trying to figure out what is your motivation or your inspiration behind the project. If you read the About Us page then you already know one of my inspirations, my mom. 

I would also like to say that my dad is also a motivation. In my entire time on this earth I have probaly only seen my dad in jeans a hand full of times.  For those of you wondering that's at least 5 times. LOL My dad's philosophy was "It is always better to be over dressed then under dressed" and "Quality vs Quantity". Regardless of the occasion my dad was ALWAYS dressed. He even ironed the clothes he wore to cut the grass, or to trim the hedges, work on the car! Can you believe it?

I never fully understood why exactly that was until as the expression says "grown and gone" out the house and I had to deal with the real world. In the real world you are unfortunately judged sometimes by what you wear and how you speak. My goal with The Gem Closet is to try and help with the little extra bits of sparkle to any occasion. Even if you dont get that job, fall down, etc. Do it with style and class.

Enough of the soapbox for today. I want to says thanks to my mom and dad, two of the classiest(I know its not a word, but hey im from the south lol) people that i know for the life lessons...


Signing off





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