Labor Day

Isn't Labor Day a Day where you should have a break from working? Well when you own a business you never truly have a day off. LOL But that's ok. That's a lesson that i learned even from a child. I come from a family of self employed parents and I have seen first hand how it is to run your own business.

With that being said I have to admit those were probably some of the best experiences of my childhood. I was taught how to have and develop a good work ethic.  In retrospect I will admit I didn't see it like that then. I couldn't figure out why we were always working. But now that I am trying to run my own business I have an appreciation for the hard work that my parents put in and all the advice that they gave and the instruction.

If you have those same thoughts please let your parents know how they have shaped your life. Take a minute and do so. Have a good rest of the day !



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