Fall is finally here everyone...

Don't you just love this time of the year? There is a coolness to the air, leaves are preparing to fall, warm spicy scents are in the air, plenty of pumpkin spice lattes...just lovely.  Even thought these things are so nice sometimes we forget that we can still be "fall fabulous".  What is "fall fabulous" you say? It's the time of year where we bring out sweaters and scarves and all things warm and toasty to keep us just a little warmer on these cooler days and evenings.  In doing so sometimes we forgo the glam of the season.  Now there is nothing wrong with that sometimes we just cant deliver and that’s OK.  The important thing is that we try we all are busy but if we do small things it can go a long way.


Fall is the season to accessorize. Even busy moms on the go can do it.  Lets talk scarves. If you have read my posts before you know that I love them. Not only because they help to keep you warm, but because of the simple fact that they can enhance any outfit. Plus somehow scarves somehow bring you that slice of comfort.  I think of that air plane commercial where the lady is using the scarf to protect her from the bad elements LOL.  Hilarious commercial, but so true. Scents from a scarf can remind you of cookies baking from grandma's house or the smell of your partner's perfume or cologne.  It can represent the feel of a big hug from a loved one or it can take you back to whatever special day that has been delicately etched into that scarf.


I also love belts. They are no longer just that necessary item that hold up pants, but it can be that accessory that excuse the pun..pulls that outfit together.  Wide belts to skinny and all in between its a perfect fall must have. They are perfect for creating a waistline too.  There is no complicated learning curve either.  I can hear it now "you look fabulous today-did you loose some weight?"  Imagine that kind of comment can make your day!




Last item to make you "fall fabulous" is a watch.  A watch you say..please. Yes i say a watch.  Whether you are on your way to work or you are a busy mom on the go. It is the perfect addition to that outfit that can really add that small bit of sparkle.  Imagine you’re in the line at Starbucks..you hear someone say "Excuse me..do you have the time?".. and you look up and there is Chris Hemsworth- for those of you that don’t know that's the actor that plays Thor.  Now if that doesn’t suit you take the same scenario and insert whoever into this fantasy LOL.  Now chances are that wont happen, but just think the next person who asks you for the time imagine how surprised they would be if you actually showed them your watch.  Just not any watch though.. its that new beautiful "fall fabulous" watch that is giving your wrist some bling.  Nowadays anything can happen so why not take each opportunity to put your best foot forward.



Well untiill the next time....there is a cup of pumpkin spice somewhere with my name on it... Ciao



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